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Posted by jeevankimi > 2012-10-17 03:47 | Report Abuse

how to buy the stock..


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Posted by szewei > 2012-10-17 09:59 | Report Abuse

you need a shares trading account for you to buy Apple stock, do welcome to open account with me as I'm company paid dealer =)

Posted by passerby > 2013-01-03 02:50 | Report Abuse

hello Nasdaq, where are the US traders ?? Apple, yummy yummy

Posted by passerby > 2013-01-07 04:54 | Report Abuse

jlfong1988: got any comment on Apple? :)

Posted by jlfong1988 > 2013-01-08 21:53 | Report Abuse

Apple hasn't crossed below the 200MA for a long time.The fact tt it just did could be signalling that it is in for a bearish run at least for the mid term or it might be entering a consolidation phase.

Fundamentally, we need to look if its recent releases of ipad mini and iphone 5 has significant impact on its bottom line relative to the rest of its competitors especially samsung.

My take will be to hold out and see what happens. Anyways, we're may-july is usually not a good period for stocks. If you're looking to hold the shares for mid to long term then I would suggest a hold. It is uncertain to me if the stock will rise or fall in the short run. Just my two cents worth!! :)


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Posted by 1688 > 2013-01-10 04:00 | Report Abuse

i am looking at a higher price like usd555 to short is usd517

anyone any comments?

Posted by sharemania > 2013-01-25 03:30 | Report Abuse

wow apple having diarrhea, 12 % loss ~!

Posted by WilliamWang > 2013-02-20 14:21 | Report Abuse


from 705 to 450 .... keep holding ? i dont think so.

Posted by passerby > 2013-02-22 00:52 | Report Abuse

jialak liau Apple....

Posted by sgx_swinger > 2013-04-17 18:38 | Report Abuse

i think apple has just found a nice short term bottom at 398 ..

Posted by benson911 > 2013-04-17 21:39 | Report Abuse

sell selll


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Posted by scott > 2013-05-17 11:57 | Report Abuse

Sell Sell Sell !!!

Posted by ayansinafemi2002 > 2013-05-23 11:39 | Report Abuse

give a list of 2012/13 dividend for various company with p/e and eps.


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Posted by henhill69 > 2013-08-02 13:11 | Report Abuse

We also bought back 4 billion of stock in the open market during the June quarter" Did you miss Q3? Here it is

Posted by juliakong > 2013-09-18 10:24 | Report Abuse

Now wud b a good time to buy

Posted by jeevankimi > 2013-10-20 21:28 | Report Abuse

how to sell the stock?

Posted by Kutty123 > 2013-10-23 20:21 | Report Abuse

woow..if convert to ringgit Malaysia for 1 lot Appel, $52496X3.2=rm167980

Posted by juliakong > 2013-10-24 01:32 | Report Abuse

Yeap !


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Posted by happ12 > 2013-11-08 21:16 | Report Abuse

not so yummy for now...sitting in pile cash..but didnt distribute to shareholders...seems like china company

Posted by Michael William Sunner > 2013-12-16 10:47 | Report Abuse

The Website should update AAPL's average price target based on several analyst upgrades.

Posted by gymkhana > 2014-04-24 23:19 | Report Abuse

mahal bangat...

Posted by Meow_ buss > 2014-07-04 11:15 | Report Abuse

Buy some and keep..will be higher after new iPhone launched....


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Posted by happ12 > 2014-09-02 11:08 | Report Abuse

When distribute the cash??

Posted by kingleecha > 2014-10-17 10:16 | Report Abuse

Michael William Sunner, I wish to know which country you come from? Is anyone from western country?

Posted by JaniceLove > 2015-03-28 23:31 | Report Abuse

Hi..I'm a newbie. Need some basic info.
1)How many units=1 lot?
2)What is the min number of units to purchase or sell?
3)Which brokerage is recommended and why?
Thanks for your assistance in advance.

Posted by kasparov > 2015-08-06 06:37 | Report Abuse


Posted by Adam Loh Wei Chia > 2015-11-24 05:28 | Report Abuse

Bullish till January Announcement on the 25th

Posted by tanyachuya > 2016-03-19 04:44 | Report Abuse



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Posted by spanky > 2016-05-26 12:30 | Report Abuse

Good value now

Posted by chrishaiden66 > 2017-03-08 11:43 | Report Abuse

now APPL is good going. Now this is the best timing to invest in APPL stock market by seeing the APPL stock forecast by profitconfidential.


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Posted by Wow123 > 2017-10-01 09:32 | Report Abuse

wow 4896 very syiok

Posted by Teh Yeeteng > 2018-01-20 02:57 | Report Abuse

On no


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Posted by hstha > 2018-02-02 10:59 | Report Abuse

Sentiment on Apple stock in the past few weeks swung too far negative and the negative media news added fuel. The negativity is
overdone. Eventually, fundamentals will matter.

Posted by RedEagle > 2018-03-23 11:53 | Report Abuse

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian oil, gas and energy sectors have exceeded its target, achieving 112 per cent of its 2017 key performance indicator (KPI).

The National Transformation Programme 2017 Annual Report said this was attributed to highest ever foreign direct investment (FDI) inflow to Malaysia of US$7 billion investment from Saudi Aramco in the Refinery & Petrochemical Integrated Development Project (RAPID) in Johor.

Meanwhile, the US$27 billion Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex's (PIPC) has reached 84 per cent completion, and set to be 100 per cent operational by the first quarter of 2019.

En route to materialise its target to make Malaysia an oil and gas downstream hub, the Pengerang Deepwater Terminal (PDT) received more than 1,458 vessels including seven very large crude carriers (VLCCs) and handled 1.5 million tonnes of petroleum products as of December 2017.

For the oil and gas services and equipment (OGSE) sector, Malaysia aims to reach RM10 billion in investments in two years compared to RM7.7 billion investments recorded last year.

The sector also eyes to achieve the target of 50 multinational companies (MNCs) to set up operation in Malaysia against 39 from 2012 to 2017.

18 OGSE MNCs have already based their headquarters in Malaysia.

The report said the oil, gas and energy sector had increased Malaysia's competitive advantage by intensifying exploration and enhancing production from domestic reserves while building a strong presence in the regional mid-stream logistics and downstream markets in addition to exploring alternative energy sources.

With the Gas Supply (Amendment) Act 2016 having been amended on January 16 last year, new gas market licencses were issued through Third Party Access, allowing the entrance of new players into the market.

Malaysia has also committed to the Paris Agreement with 500 energy-intensive companies' having reduced total energy consumption to 14,455 GWh and set aside RM200 million funds to spur the implementation of energy-efficient projects.

The number of photovoltaic service providers grew to 120 in 2017 from 30 companies in 2011 and 6,114kW of Net Energy Metering capacity approved in 2017.


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Posted by tecpower > 2018-05-15 10:21 | Report Abuse

First Quarter 2018 Silicon Wafer Shipments Increase Quarter-Over-Quarter to Record Level


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Posted by hstha > 2018-05-21 08:42 | Report Abuse

Why US Semiconductor Stocks Are Poised to Rally

Posted by WorldWideInvestor > 2020-06-29 22:33 | Report Abuse

WOW Rise so much

Posted by Sami_Value > 2020-07-27 10:16 | Report Abuse

Apple rebounce today


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Posted by questra > 2020-08-28 09:45 | Report Abuse


Posted by Karma444 > 2020-09-03 02:19 | Report Abuse

Good to look further

Posted by Sami_Value > 2020-09-22 07:23 | Report Abuse

after split keep dropping

Posted by Raymond6918 > 2022-03-18 17:21 | Report Abuse

Apple (AAPL.US)


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Apple (AAPL.US)


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Apple (AAPL.US)


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Porsche CEO: talked to Apple Inc and other technology companies about "working on projects together"

格隆汇· 03/18 23:46




2.09% 0.20%Post

格隆汇3月18日丨保时捷首席执行官Oliver Blume周五表示,公司管理人员曾于去年年底前往美国,与苹果(AAPL.O)以及其他一些科技公司讨论可能的合作项目。Blume在公司年度业绩视频会议上说:“我们已经有了苹果CarPlay功能,我们将在此基础上进行扩展。”他补充称,“保时捷和苹果合作密切,两家公司处于同一频道。”但Blume指出,现在对未来项目作出任何决定都为时过早。Blume还表示,“保时捷的未来是电动的。预计到2030年,公司全球销量的80%将是纯电动汽车。”

Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche, said on Friday that company executives traveled to the United States at the end of last year to discuss possible cooperation projects with Apple Inc and other technology companies. "We already have Apple Inc CarPlay function, and we will expand on this basis," Blume said at the company's annual results videoconference. " "Porsche and Apple Inc work closely together and the two companies are on the same channel," he added. " But Blume points out that it is too early to make any decisions about future projects. Blume also said, "the future of Porsche is electric. It is expected that by 2030, 80% of the company's global sales will be pure electric vehicles. "

This page is machine-translated. Futubull tries to improve but do not guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the translation, and will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by any inaccuracy or omission of the translation.

Risk disclosure: The above content only represents the opinion of the authors or guests, and does not represent any positions of Futu or constitute any investment advice on the part of Futu. Before making any investment decision, investors should consider the risk factors related to investment products based on their own circumstances and consult professional investment advisers where necessary. Futu makes every effort to verify the authenticity, accuracy, and originality of the above content, but does not make any guarantees or promises.


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North Water sold Tencent for more than HK $300 million, Li Ning Co. Ltd. received a net purchase of HK $1.2 billion, and Nanshui bought China Merchants Bank for 1.2 billion yuan.

富途资讯 · 03/18/2022 17:55

Xi Jinping: state-to-state relations cannot go so far as to face each other

03/18/2022 22:18

Powell wants both stable employment and suppressing inflation! Deutsche Bank says you can't have both.

智通财经 · 03/18/2022 22:58

Blackrock iShares: the US inflation rate is expected to break 8%. How to hedge it?

Wind · 03/18/2022 21:59

The Prospect of US stocks | the arrival of the "four Wizards Day"! Xiao Mo: the pullback of technology stocks and other sectors is coming to an end.

富途资讯 · 03/18/2022 20:03


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Posted by Wong137 > 2022-03-31 11:09 | Report Abuse


苹果现金转账服务提供商Green Dot Corp盘中一度重挫超10%,收盘下跌5.2%;苹果信用卡支付处理服务提供商CoreCard Corp下跌12.2%;苹果信用卡合作方高盛股价下跌1.2%。



苹果现有的金融服务产品包括Apple Card、点对点Apple Pay和Wallet应用。新计划将逐渐减少苹果在金融服务领域对外部合作伙伴的依赖,并且推动苹果更深入地进入金融服务领域。



近日苹果在金融服务领域动作频频,包括宣布将开始允许商家使用iPhone作为非接触式支付的接收设备,并且收购了英国金融信用评分初创公司Credit Kudos。


由于目前苹果的合作方CoreCard和Green Dot主要专注于美国市场,导致诸如苹果信用卡等服务仅能在美国使用,这限制了苹果在金融服务领域的增长能力。


其他科技公司,包括Facebook的母公司Meta platform Inc.和Alphabet Inc.的谷歌,都曾进行过雄心勃勃的金融项目,包括Meta开发自己的数字货币,以及谷歌的银行账户计划。但这些项目进展都不算顺利。


苹果在2014年推出的Apple Pay服务如今已能创造700亿美元的年收入,目前已有70%的商家接受Apple Pay。




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Posted by kong73 > 2022-09-29 18:50 | Report Abuse

Apple is feeling the recession


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Posted by yfchong > 2024-02-13 17:13 | Report Abuse

habis lar

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